Web Design and Graphics

CourseDurationBase Price
Advanced Digital Photography Techniques2 HoursMUR 2200
Game Design6 HoursMUR 2200
Google Sheets4 HoursMUR 2200
Introduction to Digital Photography5 HoursMUR 2200
Introduction to Web Development2 HoursMUR 2200
Acrobat X: BeginnerMUR 1000
Acrobat X: AdvancedMUR 1000
Adobe CS6 New FeaturesMUR 1000
Dreamweaver CS5 BeginnerMUR 1000
Dreamweaver CS5 IntermediateMUR 1000
Dreamweaver CS5 AdvancedMUR 1000
Dreamweaver CS5 Advanced IIMUR 1000
Illustrator CC: BeginnerMUR 1000
Illustrator CC IntermediateMUR 1000
Illustrator CC: AdvancedMUR 1000
Illustrator CS5: BeginnerMUR 1000
Illustrator CS5 IntermediateMUR 1000
Illustrator CS5: AdvancedMUR 1000
Illustrator CS6 BeginnerMUR 1000
Illustrator CS6 IntermediateMUR 1000
Illustrator CS6 AdvancedMUR 1000
InDesign CC New FeaturesMUR 1000
InDesign CS5 BeginnerMUR 1000
InDesign CS5 AdvancedMUR 1000
InDesign CS6 BeginnerMUR 1000
InDesign CS6 IntermediateMUR 1000
InDesign CS6 AdvancedMUR 1000
JavaScript: BeginnerMUR 1000
JavaScript: AdvancedMUR 1000
Photoshop CC BeginnerMUR 1000
Photoshop CC IntermediateMUR 1000
Photoshop CC AdvancedMUR 1000
Photoshop CC Advanced IIMUR 1000
Photoshop CS5 BeginnerMUR 1000
Photoshop CS5 IntermediateMUR 1000
Photoshop CS5 AdvancedMUR 1000
Photoshop CS5 Advanced IIMUR 1000
Photoshop CS6 BeginnerMUR 1000
Photoshop CS6 IntermediateMUR 1000
Photoshop CS6 AdvancedMUR 1000
Photoshop CS6 Advanced IIMUR 1000
Web Design TheoryMUR 1000
WordPressMUR 1000

Complete Web Development & Graphics Courses


Most courses are delivered in bundles categorised by specialisation and level. For an additional fee Web development courses students will get support by local experts.

Moreover, courses can be delivered in different combinations. Please email us your requirements and number of enrollments. We shall endeavour to arrange the best bundle for you.

Enterprises can benefit of Group pricing. Contact info@mycoach.mu with your group registrations details. Our Learning Delivery Experts will arrange access to your customised programme.



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